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Red Rock Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Red Rock STARR "X" Stationary Bottle Opener
From $5.72

Sioux City Sarsaparilla Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Sioux City Sarsaparilla STARR "X" Stationary Bottle Opener
From $5.72

Olde Brooklyn Cream Soda Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Olde Brooklyn Cream Soda STARR "X" Stationary Bottle Opener
From $5.72

Drink Coca-Cola Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Drink Coca-Cola STARR "X" Stationary Bottle Opener
From $7.10

Embossed Blue Averys STARR "X" Bottle Opener

Embossed Blue Averys STARR "X" Bottle Opener
From $6.14

Embossed Dublin Bottling Works STARR "X" Bottle Opener

This embossed 'Dublin TEXAS Sodas' STARR "X" bottle opener was cast using our foundry's new, lower volume casting method. This zinc plated cast iron opener is quite durable and should last a lifetime.  All openers come individual boxed with two screws and measure 3 1/4' tall x 2 5/8" wide x 1" deep. Cast in Germany and then finished & assembled in the USA, our company has been distributing this style of opener since around 1930.   Dublin Bottling Works is a bottler which was founded in 1891 in Dublin, Teaxs.  They currently bottle around 125,000 cases a year and distribute throughout the USA.   They bottled Dr Pepper from 1891-2012 and now Dublin Bottling Works pure cane sugar craft sodas since then.  As the birthplace of bottled Dr Pepper, they have one of the most extensive soda museum collections in the world.  Our plant also includes an original soda fountain and 13 Dublin Original Soda Flavors.  Dublin TeXas CherryLimeade, Dublin TeXas Orange Dream Soda, Dublin TeXas Red Crème, Dublin Retro Grape, Dublin Tart N Sweet Lemonade, Dublin Vanilla Cream, Dublin TeXas Sweet Peach, Dublin Black Cherry Soda, Dublin TeXas Root Beer, Dublin Vintage Cola, Dublin FruFru Berry, Dublin Ginger Ale and even Diet Dublin TeXas Root Beer.    
From $6.14