we’re old enoughto be your grandfather’s opener

In 1924, Thomas C. Hamilton of Boston Massachusetts filed for a patent for his revolutionary ‘Bottle Cap Puller’. The patent, 1,534,211, was issued on April 21, 1925. Hamilton introduced Raymond Brown Sr. (Owner of the Newport News Coca-Cola Bottling Company &Brown Manufacturing Company) to the patented design and the rest is history.

Brown Mfg. Company has been making stationary bottle openers of various designs and logos since about 1925. In a newspaper article from the ‘Daily Press’ in Newport News, dated October 11, 1936, Brown Manufacturing Company was noted as being the “largest single maker in the world of stationary bottle openers”. According to the article, the company had the capacity on average to produce 20,000 bottle openers a week.

1920 Newport News Bottling Facility

Raymond Brown Sr. purchased the Norfolk Coca-Cola Bottling Company and renamed it the Norfolk News Bottling Facility.

1924 Patent # 1,534,211

Thomas C. Hamilton was awarded a patent for his invention of the 'Bottle Cap Puller'. Hamilton and Brown met and began production in the Norfolk News Bottling Facility.

1936 Largest single maker of stationary bottle openers

By 1936 the Brown Manufacturing Company had become the foremost producer of bottle openers in the world with an average production of over 20,000 openers per week with only 8-12 employees. All logos were colored by hand and finished products were hand boxed.

1970 The Brown family tradition

Business continued to grow and in the 1970's Raymond Sr. passed the company down to his 6 sons under the leadership of his eldest, Raymond Brown Jr. The company changed hands within the family a few times throughout the next two decades ending in the hands of a neighbor named Borden James.

1998 Trademark Marketing International

Borden James sold the company to one of his biggest customers - Trademark Marketing International under the condition that Brown Manufacturing Company remain independent.

2005 David Brim

From 1998 to 2005 the company operated under Trademark Marketing International and owned by CEO Barbara Brim. In 2005 her son David Brim bought the company and moved it to Decatur Georgia for 5 years and then moved again to Avondale Estates, Georgia.

2016 Brown Manufacturing and STARR bottle openers

Today the company holds over 12 patents and sells several types of wall mount bottle openers, hand held openers and cap catchers. Over the years they have produced openers for Coca-Cola, Canada Dry, Pepsi-Cola, Orange Crush, Budweiser, Samuel Adams, Polar, Frigidaire, Fender and more.