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  • Lifetime Customer Loyalty

    How do I get my customers to remember me? How do I increase loyalty in my existing customers?

    1. Instill in your customers a sense of shared values by being the one that provides them with the lifestyle they prefer.
    2. Provide a consistently positive emotional experience that is related to your brand.
    3. Create a hands-on, satisfying experience, which includes your product or services.

    Instill a sense of shared values

    According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, the strongest single driver of brand loyalty was a sense of shared values. The result of that feeling of shared values? More than 120% increase in brand purchases than other, unengaged customers.

    Custom Printed White Bottle Opener Custom Printed White Bottle Opener

    Provide your customers with an enduring and useful sense of positive experience with you. That's right! Open their beer for them! A bottle opener with your logo will provide a memorable, enjoyable experience for them every time the open a bottle of beer.

    Stock wall mounted bottle openers for your local college or professional sports team. Stock a bottle opener with your custom logo or saying.

    Consistently positive emotional experience

    Lifetime customer loyalty comes through providing your customer an on-going experience with you that is emotionally positive. According to The Intuitive Customer This can be as simple as the first mouthful of their favorite beer, or the nostalgic sound of a bottle being opened. Couple the crack of a beer opening with your brand or logo, and you just happen to co-opt one of the most emotionally satisfying events in every person's day.

    Make a hands-on, satisfying experience

    For many reasons that scientists have yet to discover, the most memorable experiences are ones that involve touch and tactile interaction with physical objects. Putting coins in a vending machine, holding hands with your girlfriend, riding in a car with well-tuned exhaust, etc. Interestingly, the effort to open a bottle of beer is absolutely one of those things.

    Provide your customer with a bottle opener with your name or logo. and you intertwine yourself in that daily process so completely that you become the provider of that memory. I can think of few ways to engage your customers more completely than to be the one that helps them open every beer they choose to drink!



  • Kitchen Gadgets, Create a Man-Friendly Kitchen

    Essential Kitchen Gadgets

    My brother comes from Hawaii to visit us in Alabama about twice a year. There are certain things in my kitchen that he loves. Within minutes of arriving, he will be digging through my kitchen gadgets drawer looking for the handy all-in-one knife sharpener to put a new edge on my knives, as well as his.

    Classic Slogan Bottle Openers The greatest kitchen gadgets include a wall mounted Bottle Opener

    Next, he'll open the fridge and take out a bottle of freshly brewed kombucha or ginger beer, and go to the wall where the cast metal bottle opener is mounted. He'll tell me once again how great that bottle opener is, and how many people he has bought one for during the last year.

    At some point during his visit, he'll bring home a box of oranges from Tucson and squeeze them in my heavy duty commercial citrus press, all the while reiterating how much he hates cheap kitchen tools, and how great my "real" kitchen tools are.

    According to him, I am still lacking a green egg grill, which I really need in order to smoke a side of beef from our herd or a leg of venison when he comes from a guided hunt in Texas.

    Men Like Quality Tools

    I have come to realize that men like quality tools and gadgets. They tend to judge one another based on how discerning they are, and financially capable, of buying the best tools. Without much effort on my part, I made my kitchen very attractive to men by adding a few quality tools and gadgets.

    Queen of the Kitchen

    It is fun to have a Man-Friendly kitchen. My brother isn't the only man who likes hanging out there, leaning against the bar, drinking a beer while I craft an apple pie or grill a platter of fajitas and jalapeños. My husband, sons, and various friends also like to hang out and munch. The bottle opener is a favorite kitchen gadget with every one of them. I, the Queen of the Kitchen, rate pretty high on the cool chef list! ;)

  • The Perfect Gift

    What is the perfect gift?

    It was Christmas morning. The kids are fifty decibels louder than usual, frantically tearing through fancy wrapping paper to get at a box that might contain the perfect gift. Unfortunately, the box is so taped shut, a kitchen knife is required and the anticipation mounts even higher.

    Amped up on doughnuts and coffee, Granny is just about as excited as they are, talking ninety miles an hour about each present.

    Grandpa is dozing in his chair over his tray of smoked sausage and crackers. Every time one of the kids races past him

    Awesome Beer makes the perfect gift... Awesome Beer makes the perfect gift...

    screaming, his head jerks and he makes the same comment, “I remember the Christmas I got a fire engine. . . is it too early for a beer?”

    My husband whispers to me that Grandpa should have drunk the coffee and Granny should have the beer. I whisper back to him to please behave.

    The kids race outside with the new sleds. Scarves and gloves are left in a disorganized trail behind them as the door swings open again and again to find that missing glove or hat. Finally, they are gone.

    Grown-up time. Granny likes the scented lotion. “I have another one just like this that I love,” she confesses. "When I use it up, I’ll have this waiting.” Code for: I have a vanity overflowing with lotion, but thanks anyway.

    And I, of course, love the sweater which is too short for my long torso, and too pink for my personality. But Christmas obligations are fulfilled and everyone is happy. The kids are easy, thank God.

    A Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Also Makes the Perfect Gift A Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Also Makes the Perfect Gift

    Grandpa and my husband are talking politics, disinterested in their individual presents, so Granny helps them out.

    “Uncle Ed sent you a gift this year. Open yours, I want to see what it is. Probably a bag of pistachios.”

    “I like pistachios,” Grandpa protests, lifting the lid off of his small box.

    His gnarled old hands lift out a solid piece of cast metal. My husband and Grandpa exclaim at once, “A wall-mounted bottle opener!”

    It was immediately far enough into the day for a beer, much to the men’s satisfaction.


    What I  Learned:


    The curious thing about that bottle opener is that it was part of every holiday and weekend thereafter.  I remember thinking to myself, “so this is the perfect gift; the gift that keeps on giving. Way to go, Uncle Ed.”

    That bottle opener actually taught me how to buy the perfect gift. Why do we waste money on junk that will either be buried in a closet or re-gifted again and again? I learned to look for a gift that elicits a, “dang - I needed one of these! Such a great idea, how did you think of it? Honey, get me a bottle of pop, would you, please?”


  • Bar Supply for Your Restaurant or Home

    There are a number of things that every small bar needs. Doesn't matter if you are a small commercial bar or just a nice entertainment bar at your home. These are the important pieces to remember for your bar supply:

    Great Glassware

    Great GlasswareAll you need is some combination of of mugs, pint glasses, pilsner glasses, tumblers and shot glasses. What is the best glassware? Clean glassware. The pint glasses can be old, scratched and well-worn, but if they are clean and hand-toweled... the affect is fantastic, and possibly one of the more important aspects of a well supplied mini bar.

    When serving better beers, you can cool the glasses, but don't serve them frosted, it interferes with the head. If you do want to frost some of your glasses for root beer or possibly for shots, wash the glasses crystal-clear and put them in the freezer wet! Once in the freezer, let them cool a good 30 minutes before serving.

    A Good Knife Set

    Coated High Carbon Steel Scalloped Side Knife Coated High Carbon Steel Scalloped Side Knife

    Scalloped Side Ginsu Stainless Knife Scalloped Side Ginsu Stainless Knife

    There is no part of food and beverage production that does not need a quality knife, and a small bar is no exception. Most of what you will be cutting as a small bar are citrus fruits and possibly other tropical fruit. We recommend a coated high carbon steel knife or a stainless ginsu type knife. Scalloped edges help the fruit fall away from the knife and better steel keeps the blade sharp longer. Always keep your knives clean and in their protective cases to guard against dulling.

    Pair your knives with a nice bamboo or hardwood cutting board, and you are in business.

    Wall Mounted Bottle Openers


    Guinness with Shamrock Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Guinness with Shamrock Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

    A memory of times gone past when all drinks, alcoholic or not, came in glass bottles. Every beverage vending machine, counter-top or kitchen had a wall mounted bottle opener somewhere nearby. You can, of course, still buy wall mounted bottle openers... and they are actually really cool. They come in  a range of styles and types. You will find them sporting your favorite athletic team, college, beer brand or even your name or custom saying. A necessary but nostalgic and great part of your bar supply.

    Hand Held Bottle Openers

    Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Hand Held Bottle Opener Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Hand Held Bottle Opener

    Hand held bottle openers are by far the most popular among bar-tenders and wait staff. You will need at least one for every assistant at the bar. Again you can get the pro-style long handle openers or the pocket-size bottle opener in almost any style... even with a custom printed logo or name. If you are serving a lake-side party you will also want to make sure every cooler has a bottle opener attached with a cord.

    Wine Bottle Openers

    Waiter's Wine Bottle Opener Waiter's Wine Bottle Opener

    Of course you will need to be able to draw corks. Make sure you have at least one wine bottle opener per staff member.

    Ice and Tongs

    Ice, the second most important bar supply Ice, the second most important bar supply

    Ice has to be the second most important thing to whiskey itself. Need your whiskey cut? Pure water ice! Need it strong but cool... shake and pour. Just make sure you have enough good, high quality ice and serving tongs to meet your needs. Ice is possibly the most important and most transient bar supply.

    Tot Measures (Jiggers) and Shakers

    Get the measurements right in you are going all out for some mixed drinks.


    Drink CoasterYou might not need any at the lakeside, but everyone will appreciate them when sipping a drink at the table or at the bar.

    Towels, Aprons and Trash Cans, the Overlooked Bar Supply

    Some things seem obvious... but make sure more trash liners and towels are available than you expect to use. You know how it goes ;)

    Restaurant Towels
  • Sports Team Bottle Opener from your Alma Mater

    The pennants, the t-shirts and jackets, the window flags and bumper stickers... but what about a sports team bottle opener from your Alma Mater or favorite sports champs? All the rest comes and goes from season to season, but a bottle opener will last for years and give your kitchen or bar or garage that special flair of team spirit each time you pop open a bottle!

    There are several kinds of bottle openers to show off your team spirit.

    Wall Mounted Sports Team Bottle Opener

    First there are the standard wall mounted bottle openers that attach with a couple screws. These are the classics and will be ready at any moment, game day or not to open your beer with loyalty and team camaraderie.

    Magnetic Sports Team Bottle Opener

    Then there is the magnetic, plate mounted team bottle opener that will easily attach to any metal surface. They attach easily to the front of a refrigerator, the side of your truck, you name it. They make a quickly available location for everyone at a tail-gate party or cookout to open their beer or sodas.

    Of course there are also bottle openers for every sport









  • Heirloom Gift, Why a Classic Bottle Opener?

    What is an heirloom gift?

    Christmas Gifts Christmas Gifts

    What is an heirloom gift, anyway? How can you find or buy a gift that will become an heirloom?

    You know that friend or family member who always has style? Even if you take them to the flea market to shop, they either come away with the coolest thing ever, or nothing at all. You never associate them with junk or poor taste. Only the coolest, only the best.

    Then there are the people who just seem irreversibly coolness blind. They went to high school in a certain decade and never left it - the decade, that is. Unless the trends of that decade come around again, their coolness meter is stuck at the bottom.

    Rabbit Trail

    I had a wealthy grandmother who always and forever gave Naugahyde suitcases for birthdays. If it wasn’t a Naugahyde suitcase it was a ceramic figurine. I used to wonder if maybe ceramic Alpine goat herders and Naugahyde carry-ons were her favorite things in the world. I digress. Suffice it to say, she never gave an heirloom gift.

    Back on Track: Why a Bottle Opener?

    The coolness factor of a cast metal bottle opener is unparalleled except maybe with a Patagonia gift card or a trip to France. Needless to say, it’s far cheaper.

    Why is a cast metal, wall-mounted bottle opener the coolest of cools? Let me count the ways:

    The Heirloom Gift

    1) It’s useful. Every darn day, in fact. How often do you use a ceramic figurine?

    2) It’s the real thing instead of cheap crap. “Hmm, the Walmart LED candles, or the organic beeswax candles from Vermont?” Duh. A zinc coated cast steel bottle opener, real style. This will last forever and be classic forever. Heirloom gift.

    3) It reaches back into time and says, “Remember the pop, hiss, ahhh of childhood?”

    4) It’s bigger than taste, personality, trends, and style. Everyone who ever drinks pop or beer, or hosts anyone that drinks pop or beer, will use a bottle opener.

    5) It’s beautiful. Check out the wall-mounted, cast metal bottle openers. Consider getting your own logo or name stamped there. They’re beautiful heirlooms that will stand the test of time.

    “Hey sis, can I have Dad’s bottle opener? It just has a lot of good memories for me.”

  • Tailgate Party Checklist

    This is our basic tailgate party checklist... works for camping too. Whether you are headed to a sporting event or going camping, this list will save your bacon.

    For years, it seemed like I would always forget something, even though I spent nights awake going over every potential need or mishap. Over time, I compiled a list that seemed to cover everything without over-packing.

    Time off with family is too important to spend it stressed out over something you forgot to bring. Pack smart and have a great time!

    Camping Grill You know a grill as delicious as this was part of the basic tailgate party checklist


    Tailgate Party Checklist Kit

    University of Alabama Crimson Tide Metal Bottle Opener Cap Catcher University of Alabama Crimson Tide Metal Bottle Opener Cap Catcher
    • Game Tickets
    • Grill, Scraper, Oil
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Charcoal
    • Starter Fluid
    • Matches or Lighter
    • Machete or hatchet (if camping)
    • Umbrella, Canopy, Tarp, Tents
    • Sleeping Bags (if camping)
    • Ground Mats (if camping)
    • Coolers
    • Ice (you can't have too much!)
    • Knives, Spatulas, Serving spoons, Tongs
    • Plastic Silverware
    • Disposable Plates and Cups
    • Cutting Board
    • Bleach or Sanitizing spray
    • Oven Mitts, Hot pads, Apron
    • Plastic Wrap, Tin Foil
    • Trash Bags
    • Paper Towels and/or Napkins
    • Table Cloth
    • Chairs
    • Folding Table
    • Water - lots!
    • Magnetically mounted Bottle Opener
    • Zip Loc Bags
    • First aid Kit
    • Flashlight (if you plan to stay after dark)

    Tailgate Party Checklist Food

    • Meats (bring it frozen so it will stay cool and thaw when you are ready)
    • Ketchup-Barbecue Sauce-Mayonnaise-Mustard-Relish-Horseradish-Hot Sauce
    • Breads, buns
    • Chips, Dips, Salsa
    • Side dishes like potato salad, Cole Slaw, and Baked Beans already prepared.
    • Lettuce-Cheese-Tomatoes-Onions-Pickles-Green Chile
    • Salt and Pepper
    • Deserts, handheld is easiest: Cookies, Brownies, Chocolate
    • Breakfast foods: pre-cracked Eggs in a plastic bottle, Meat, Toast, Butter, Jam
    • Peanuts and raisins, Trailmix - this is a life saver!

    tailgate party Beverages

    Tailgate Party Checklist Beverages

    • Hand Held Opener with handgrip Hand Held Opener with handgrip

      Bottled Water

    • Beer and Soda
    • Coffee-Creamers-Sugar, Cocoa Mix, Tea
    • Iced Tea
    • Juice

    Tailgate Party Checklist Comfort Extras

    • Sun Glasses
    • Sun Block
    • Hats
    • Blankets
    • Cell Phone
    • Camera
    • Binoculars
    • Rain Gear and/or Jackets
    • Clothing, taking into acount activities and length of time.
    • Toilet Paper
    • Wipes
    • Ball-Playing Cards-Frisbee
    • Antacid, Probiotics and Enzymes, Aspirin, Vitamin C, Bug Repellent
    • Salve and Lotion
    • Tissue
    • Newspapers-Books-Magazines

    Now you can start your own tailgate party and camping checklist!


  • Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

    Vintage Coca-Cola Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Vintage Coca-Cola Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

    More Views University of Alabama Crimson Tide Metal Bottle Opener Cap Catcher University of Alabama Crimson Tide Metal Bottle Opener Cap Catcher

    Today's wall mounted bottle opener can be screwed to a wall, or sometimes it is placed on the back of your tailgate with magnetic plate backing, or comes on its own stand-alone bottle-cap collection box. In any case, the bottle opener you need is readily available to finish out accessory line-up.

    On the deck next to the grill

    Guinness with Shamrock Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Guinness with Shamrock Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

    How many times have you had to walk back into the kitchen to try in vain to fine a bottle opener in the miscellaneous drawer? They really should have called that drawer the, "nothing of any use" drawer. The answer, of course, is to make the bottle opener a permanent fixture of the deck grill area. How? Simple, purchase a wall mounted bottle opener and screw it to the nearest post. Brilliant. Now you only have to go back to the kitchen for A1 sauce.

    In the kitchen next to the fridge

    This one might be more of a problem as many a wife will object to a wall mounted bottle opener in the kitchen. You never know though... there are tasteful ways of making it work. Remember to get on that is vintage looking and fits well with the overall feel of the decor. Maybe just inside the pantry, or tucked away next to the micro-wave. There are also bottle cap catchers to keep everything tidy. There are even classy magnetic ones that would mount nicely right on the front of the fridge!

    In the garage over the workbench

    Printed 'Craft Beer' White Aluminum Bottle Cap Catcher Printed 'Craft Beer' White Aluminum Bottle Cap Catcher

    This is an absolute given. Hey, that wall is covered with tools... and your work-bench edge is full of bottle-cap-marks of where you sometimes succeeded and sometimes failed to get a beer open. This is a question of when you order next. On the end of the bench next to the garage fridge. Yes that is the place for a super cool sports team wall mounted bottle opener. Probably better order the bottle cap catcher as well. Only problem? All those friends that hang out at your garage drinking all your beer. Better make a BYOB policy.

    Behind the mini bar, next to the fridge

    Bottle Opener Mounted on Engraved Wood Board, Tropical Bottle Opener Mounted on Engraved Wood Board, Tropical

    Sure... its a nice little bar, but is it really practical? The friends are over for a nice little get-together... you ask if any one wants a drink... and... where did the bottle opener go? Yeah... back to the kitchen misc. drawer one more time. You know how that is going to go. But wait... no, you mounted a cool old bottle opener at the end of the bar. Sweet. Open those beverages and pour them up!

    Where can I buy a wall mounted bottle opener?

    The wall mounted bottle opener is surely a nostalgic token of yesteryear. Lucky for us, we don't have to rummage through antique shops to find one, Brown Manufacturing Company still makes this amazingly cool kitchen or bar accessory.

  • Cool Cute Bottle Opener

    I love bottle openers. They are so useful and shareable. You can buy a cool key chain, but no one will ever ask to borrow it, and the only reason you need it is because your keys are attached to it. A cool or cute bottle opener is one of those things that defines a person.

    If a friend wants a beer, and you lend him a cool bottle opener, you immediately go up in value. You had a tool he needed, and it was a memorable one.

    If a girl wants a drink opened and you happen to have a cute bottle opener in your pocket, you become the capable and prepared person in her circle of friends. If it's trendy or has your favorite team on it, then you are all the more intriguing.

    Personally, I like to have several around so that if there is someone I really want to impress (a new boss, or a friend) I can say, "keep it, I've got another one."

    So, maybe it was $6, but now they have a physical token of my "coolness" in their pocket. Don't judge me - you know you want that edge too.

    So what constitutes a cool or cute bottle opener?


    The Bartender's Friend

    Bartender's Friend Bottle Opener Bartender's Friend Bottle Opener

    First, there is the pro-tool. The bottle opener that a bar tender uses. Not so different from a typical hand-held bottle opener, but slightly longer and it has that great professional feel. Great for mini bars, tool boxes and tackle boxes.

    Fancy Pants

    Then there are the quirky, fun bottle openers with panache. You have the Corona Extra bottle opener with a little saw blade for cutting those absolutely necessary lime slices. Or there is the one that fits on your ball cap adjuster. The 50 cal bullet (sans primer and powder) bottle opener for the NRA types, faux-razor blade with a bottle opener in the middle and some cool cycle-style openers.

    One for Every Cooler Bottle Openers

    Its going to be a big party and there will be four coolers... but will there be enough bottle openers? One ease way to make sure is to attach one or two to each cooler. Oh yeah, and hand out a couple "Red Solo Cup" bottle opener lanyards to the "bartenders".

    The Always on Hand, Cool Bottle Opener

    These clever "always available" bottle openers that will find a place on your keyring, around your neck, in your wallet or in your toolbox!

    Super Cute Bottle Opener

    Super cute bottle opener? Here are some options...

    Good luck hunting your cool or cute bottle opener!

  • 5 Best Ways to Open Your Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

    Have you ever wondered how to open your bottle without a bottle opener?

    I have traveled a lot in my time. I saw a lot of amusing attempts to merge a more primitive world with western ideas. I've seen people wearing split open soccer balls as hats, pink pajamas as party wear, satin bra and grass skirt combos.

    One dilemma I often ran across was how to open a bottle. A bottle of pop would be passed down a row of desperate locals, taking turns trying to open Pandora's bottle. As humorous as that image is, I have been in the same situation on way too many occasions.

    Open a bottle without a bottle opener

    1. Use a spoon

    I watched a girl rub the edge of a very worn steel spoon back and forth on the same spot again and again until she had worn the metal away in slit across the bottle top! On a more practical note, I have also seen  several people use a spoon or other metal object with a bit of an edge to "bite" against the underside of the bottle cap. With even, upward the pressure, the edge of the bottle cap will deform and the cap will pop off. Just do not rush it, that bottle cap edge is sharp! Slip, and you get a nasty cut.

    2. Use a lighter

    Firmly wrap your hand around the neck of the bottle so that the butt of the lighter will just barely fit between the underside of the cap, and the top of your hand. Tighten your grip as you lever the lighter down against your hand. The net effect is very high pressure against the bottom edge of the bottle cap. Pop, satisfaction!

    3. Use a counter top

    Do not tell your mother I told you this! Any counter top with a decently sharp edge can be used to "grab" the underside of a bottle cap. Once the bottle is well set against the bottle cap edge, just tap or hit the top of the bottle cap down with your open palm or the side of your first. Once you get the hang of it, you will easily be able to open any bottle in one tap. This will, in fact, seriously mar the table top. Do this at your workbench, not in the dining room!

    4. Try your ring

    Any ring will pretty effectively catch the underside of a bottle cap and open your bottle without a bottle opener. Run your hand up the bottle until the ring catches the bottom of the cap. Once you have a good bite, wrap your fingers over the top of the bottle, and ease the bottle cap off. Note that most bottle caps are made of harder metal than most rings, and the net result will be a scarred or bent ring.

    5. Magicians, Use a $100 Bill

    You can actually use any type of paper... but, hey, a $100 bill is so much cooler. Take that bill and fold it back and forth 6 times. Fold end to end, top to bottom, end to end... you get the idea. Holding the bottle neck tightly with you other hand, take this folded stack of richness and hold it so that the creased corner grabs the bottom side of the cap. The fat folded edge levers against your hand. Now lever the folded bill against that hand just like you did with the lighter. With a little practice, that lid will pop right off.

    >.< Use Your Teeth to Open Your Bottle Without a Bottle Opener... or not

    Actually, don't do this. This commonly resulted in a broken tooth, which was either no big deal, or an expected loss. Usually the bottom teeth were employed to pry the bottle open somewhat like a bottle opener would do. Unless you love to personally support your local dentist, this is not recommended.

    Opening a Bottle With Your Teeth - Photo Credit Mike Burns Opening a Bottle With Your Teeth - Photo Credit Mike Burns

    Maybe, buy a nice bottle opener... they're cheap!

    White Powder Coated, American Craft Beer Wall Mounted Bottle Opener White Powder Coated, American Craft Beer Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

    Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to realize there are a few gifts that go a long way in a primitive setting: can openers, bottle openers, new teeth, and spoons.

    But ah, the joy of the fizzing, burping, sweet experience of a bottle of pop once the bottle opener had been employed!



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