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Founded in the late 1990's, www.BottleOpener.com started as an advertising website for Brown Manufacturing Company. It has since evolved into the retail and a wholesale division of Brown Manufacturing Company. The site sells items the company produces as well as other items that compliment its line. Read more about the history of Brown Manufacturing Company.


Brown Mfg. Company is the exclusive producer of STARR branded bottle openers & bottle cap catchers. The company's main business is wholesale and that is the reason you can find many other companies selling its products. Brown Mfg. Company produces bottle openers for bottlers, breweries, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and other manufacturers. The company holds some of the original patents for a bottle opener that would become internationally renowned for its quality. Over the years, its STARR bottle openers have become collectible because of their long history, trademark and variety of logos. It is believed that Brown Mfg. Company is the oldest bottle opener manufacturer in the USA if not the world. Brown Manufacturing is currently located in Avondale Estates, GA 30002 -- Right down the street from the City of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Since 1926, the STARR trademark has been registered to Brown Manufacturing Company. The true history of the trademark name goes back so far that the origins of the double "R" have been lost. The Brown family believes the double "R" was merely a way to turn a common word into a unique brand name, but to many of our customers, STARR now represents the legacy of high quality openers they can count on.


David Brim CEO & Owner

Tammy Ballard Production Manager

John McBrayer Production Manager


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